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What it costs and how to pay


The cost of studying at Curtin is determined at the unit level so the actual fee will vary depending on the units studied by each student. The cost of university study for local domestic students depends of your payment options. When you enrol you will need to decide what payment options best suits your situation.You will also need to buy other learning materials, including textbooks, stationery etc.

How to pay

Australian Residents Commonwealth Supported Place

If you are a ‘Commonwealth Supported’ student, the Australian Government contributes the majority of the total funding for educational costs and you pay a ‘student contribution’ to cover the remaining costs of your course. Curtin determines the student contribution.

When you enrol, you will complete a form to choose how you will pay your student contribution.


Loans are available to eligible students enrolled in Commonwealth Supported Places. The loan will cover all or part of the student contribution amount. If you receive a HECS-HELP loan, the Australian Government pays the loan amount directly to Curtin on your behalf, and a HECS-HELP debt is recorded with the Tax Office. You do not need to begin to repay your debt until your repayment income is above the minimum threshold.

International Students

Fee listings are on the Curtin students fees website.


A range of Curtin Business School undergraduate scholarships are available to undergraduate students. Curtin also offers scholarships, including the prestigious John Curtin Undergraduate Scholarship awarded to academically gifted students demonstrating outstanding community service.

 Australian Citizens (includes permanent Humanitarian Visa Holders)New Zealand Citizens and other Australian permanent visa holdersAll others (includes international students)
Commonwealth government contribution as a Commonwealth supported placeCommonwealth government contribution as a Commonwealth supported placeNo government contribution
Government loanHECS-HELP for assistance towards student contributionNo government loan assistanceNo government loan assistance
Student paysStudent contribution (tuition fee) for each unitFull tuition feesFull up-front payment
Payment optionsGovernment loan (HECS-HELP) towards student contribution


Full up-front payment of student contribution with 20% discount


Partial up-front payment of student contribution
Not eligible for HECS-HELP - generally required to pay student contribution
up-front and in full
Generally required to pay full up-front fee