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If you have specific questions relating to a Curtin Business degree, please contact the Curtin Business School and Health Sciences Student Service Office.

What sort of career would I be eligible for when I graduate?

A degree from Curtin Business School offers a wide range of career choices and opportunities. Explore the Curtin Career Finder to find out about all the possible careers in business.

What can Curtin Business school offer me that another University can't?

Curtin Business School offers its students the following unique extras:

  • A wide range of specialisations to choose from.
  • Business Capstone: a unit in third year that gives students simulated corporate experience.
  • Professional business skills (eg. report writing, public speaking) built into all units
  • cbsplus – a voluntary on-campus program that builds professional and personal business skills.
  • Graduates with ‘job-ready’ skills and sound academic knowledge.

What subjects do I need to study at school?

There are no pre-requisites for the Bachelor of Commerce.

How much does the course cost?

The cost of studying at Curtin is determined at the unit level so the actual fee will vary depending on the units studied by each student. For more information, go to the course & unit fees.

Can I defer my studies?

Yes, if you get offered a position in a course at Curtin you can usually defer for one year (Australian Residents only). Applicants wishing to defer studies must not enrol prior to lodging an application to defer.

When do I have to choose my major?

In the second semester of the Bachelor of Commerce course you will choose your area of specialisation, either a single major or double major.

What is the difference between a single and a double major?

If you choose a single major, you concentrate on just one study area of specialisation. A double major focuses on two separate areas. Both a single major and a double major take three years to complete on a full-time basis.

Can I change my major once I have selected one?

You can transfer to a different major or double major once per semester, usually at the re-enrolment time. However, this may result in extra units having to be completed.

Can I get credit for previous studies or courses I have completed?

If you have completed prior post-secondary studies in the same field of study, you may be able to gain credit or exemptions from your course (known as “recognition of prior learning”). The type of prior learning which may make you eligible for advanced standing includes previous studies at a post-secondary institution (for example TAFE) or specific skills or knowledge gained from accredited courses. If you are granted credits, you may be able to complete your University course within a shorter time span than the normal course duration. Find out more about applying for credit for previous study or work experience.