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High Flyer: Student notes

Get the edge in your studies with our student newsletters called  “High Flyer: Student notes for success”

  1. Developing your own ideas and avoiding plagiarism
  2. Proofreading and Editing
  3. Writing a literature review
  4. Developing cohesion and balance in academic writing
  5. Exam success: A practical guide
  6. Report writing: Structure and content
  7. Essay writing
  8. Qualities of good academic writing
  9. Referencing: Keeping research clear and connected
  10. Oral presentation
  11. Analysing case studies
  12. Managing time
  13. Critical analysis
  14. Planning and pre-writing
  15. Learning styles: How to maximise your learning potential
  16. The power of introductions
  17. Concluding paragraphs – lets finish off!
  18. Reading skills for university
  19. Ways of speaking online
  20. Sending the right message