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Flexible study

We understand that it’s likely you’ll need to balance postgraduate study with other commitments such as work, social and family responsibilities. Curtin Business School offers various options to make postgraduate study viable and enjoyable.

You are able structure your course according to your needs. Choose from:

Part-time or full-time study

As a guide, if you’re looking at full-time study, you would need to be able to commit around thirty hours a week. If you’re an Australian resident, you can choose to study part-time which lessens your weekly commitment. If you choose to study one unit at at a time that can amount to three hours of class time and around six hours in your own time each week. It’s flexible to increase or decrease the amount of units that you wish to study, depending upon availabilities.

Convenient class time

You’ll find that many postgraduate units have classes scheduled in the evenings after 5pm.

Online units

Some units are available partially or fully online. This offers an engaging learning enviroment that may consist of social networking, online groups, forums and personal web pages to facilitate discussion and analysis of the content. Although there is no face to face contact, there is the same amount of support between lecturers and students as in a face to face unit.

A typical online unit includes readings from a textbook or online journal, and a variety of assessable activities (eg, case studies, interactive quizzes or team projects).

Fully online courses

The fully online mode of delivery gives you the flexibility to learn at a time and place convenient to you. Online courses offer an engaging and interactive learning environment that includes social networking through discussion forums, chat rooms, peer reviews and team projects.

Find out more about our courses:

Intensive study

Some units through the Curtin Graduate School of Business are offered intensively which means that they can be completed over a one or two week period, with a daily schedule similar to that of a standard working day. You may also be able to enrol in some units through our intensive Summer Program. This may be really helpful if you know that you will be travelling a lot and wouldn’t be able to make classes, or if you wish to fast track your degree.