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Studying business

If you're thinking about starting or progressing a business career you've come to the right place. Curtin Business school is the biggest faculty at Curtin University and one of the largest business schools in Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses throughout all of our schools and departments.

Launch your career

Why study business?

For the variety

Business is diverse; there is something to suit almost everyone. There are many careers and specialisations to choose from depending on your interests, strengths and career aspirations. Majoring in business prepares you to work in diverse settings, including corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations, locally or globally.

You will be in demand

Business is conducted at every level in organisations. Staff are employed worldwide to run businesses, manage and lead people, plan, strategise and drive businesses forward.

You will have transferable skills

A business degree gives you transferable skills that are useful for many jobs. These include written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, the art of negotiation, effective collaboration and time management skills.

For a dynamic experience

The business world is fast-paced and evolving. There are always new things to learn, changing industry trends and consumer needs, financial volatility, or business restructure and expansion.


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