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Summer program enrolment

The Curtin Business School has decided to run a Summer Program again in January/February 2013.

The Summer Program is an optional additional program which may assist some students complete some units towards their course. Please note that the Curtin Business School has no obligation to students to offer certain units to enable them to complete their course in summer. If the units a student requires to complete aren’t running in summer or are scheduled to run but get cancelled, then the student will need to finish their course in 2013 Semester 1 or Semester 2.

Summer Program Dates

Classes will commence on Monday 7 January and end on Wednesday 6 February. - Examinations will be held between Thursday 14 February and Saturday 16 February and students must be available for this entire examination period because rescheduling of examinations will not be possible. There will be three examination sessions (morning, afternoon and evening) on all of these three days including the Saturday. 

Summer Program Fees

Fees for 2013 have not been determined yet and will be available in mid October. The program is Commonwealth supported for eligible students.


Enrolments for the Summer Program will commence in early November 2012). A proper enrolment information pack will be available by mid October 2012 with information on how and when to enrol.   

Draft Unit List

The draft unit list is below. This unit list will be finalised by mid October before enrolments commence. Please note the list is SUBJECT TO CHANGE including units being removed from the list. We strongly recommend you DO NOT make life altering plans based on completing units in summer until enrolments commence in November, because as stated above, we have no obligation to offer units for completion purposes.

Draft CBS Summer 2013 Program Unit List

 10987   Accounting 100
 12988   Accounting (Computer Packages) 220
 309875   Accounting (Decision Analysis) 308
 305229   Accounting (Financial) 260
 10826   Accounting (Statement Analysis) 222
 301255   Accounting (Technologies) 224
 12034   Business Capstone 301
 10830   Business Information Systems 100
 10993   Business Statistics 201
 10841   Company Law 266
 9764   Consumer Behaviour 201
 1234   Economics 100
 4436   Human Resource Management (Introduction) 200
 10848   Management 100
 10850   Marketing 100
 1866  Retail Marketing and Distribution 311
 11041   Taxation 231
   302123   Accounting and Electronic Commerce 524
 302609   Accounting Computer Packages 505
 12466   Analysis of Financial Statements 525
 312349   Fundamentals of Business & Corporations Law 565
 5707   International Accounting 514
 11945   Taxation 531


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Final Information


Final summer information will be available by mid October 2012

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Enquiries about Summer Program?

Contact: CBS Student Services