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Study areas

In the School of Marketing, you have the opportunity to study Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, or Tourism and Hospitality.  At the undergraduate level you can study a single major or combine two discipline areas as a double major.


Advertising is an external form of communication that seeks to inform, persuade and remind target audiences about an organisation’s offerings. Through an understanding of their clients’ objectives, advertisers are able to generate awareness, create knowledge, impact brand perceptions and strengthen brand images with the intent of moving an audience towards a desired behaviour.

The advertising process includes strategic planning, creative strategy development and execution. It’s where art, science and technology collide, leveraging everything from social media to television to print and other communication channels, to tell an engaging story. The industry is fast-paced and often highly innovative.

Jobs in advertising include agency roles such as account executive and strategic planner as well as media planners, brand strategists and researchers. If you take a double major in Advertising and Creative Advertising Graphic Design, you could in addition consider creative positions, such as copywriter or art director.

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Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of customers. It plays a leading role in most organisations and helps to formulate business strategy.

It uses a diverse range of tools in order to attract customers and often to build long term relationships with them. This involves establishing the needs and wants of consumers and industrial customers, creating desirable products and services,  setting an appropriate price, promoting the offering in a way that is attractive to customers and making it available through  convenient distribution channels.

Marketing careers include marketing consultants, market researchers, brand managers and product developers.  Graduates of marketing may oversee entire marketing campaigns for brands, products and services. You could be analysing consumer trends, dealing with advertising and public relations agencies, and designing promotional strategies for business, government or the not-for-profit sector.

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Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is best described as the facilitation of positive communications between an organisation and its stakeholders. It’s about managing communications, reputation and relationships for organisations. PR may involve attracting and retaining the support of customers, employees, investors, communities and other groups that are critical to a business’s success.

It’s an important management function that aims for mutually beneficial relationships through a two–way communications process. This means communicating with stakeholders, who might be your customers, clients, the media or community members; and using media releases, websites, newsletters, blogs, social media and other communications tools. As a result public relations practitioners often find they spend a lot of time writing for a range of different media. Public relations operates strategically, with a plan of action developed in order to achieve measurable objectives.

Public relations graduates can work across the private and public sectors, in roles such as PR consultants, publicists, communication coordinators, media advisors and event coordinators.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and hospitality are two related and complementary fields of study that offer you a range of opportunities to follow your interests and passions. As rapidly growing industries in Australia and across the world, they offer a variety of career paths and the prospect of travel or living and working interstate or overseas. Employers in these fields need staff who are interested in travel and who enjoy meeting new people.

Our program attracts students with a diverse range of cultural backgrounds from all over the world who bring a particularly global perspective to the tourism and hospitality program. You will study contemporary issues in international tourism and discuss the sustainable management of tourism and hospitality in theory and practice. You’ll also learn about the wider impact of tourism and hospitality on the global and local economy, and the role of marketing in both sectors.

The tourism and hospitality major provides you with the knowledge and skills to become an effective manager in these sectors in Australia and overseas. Graduates may pursue diverse careers in areas such as tourist information, tourism marketing, corporate travel and resort management, both locally and internationally.

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