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Academic involvement

The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Student Survey (GUESSS) is an international initiative. If you are an academic who is interested in understanding the intentions of the next generation of job and wealth creators, this is a great opportunity to get involved.

You can participate by:

  • promoting GUESSS participation to your students
  • undertaking collaborative analysis and publication of the Australian data with Curtin University once the global data set is published (expected by end of 2016)
  • partnering with Curtin to submit a bank of survey questions for the 2016 round

Please email Dr Paull Weber for more details (two no-cost opportunities exist).

Research opportunities

Beyond obtaining the data from your own institution, once the global data has been published we can grant collaborative access to the Australian data set for the purpose of research publications. Additionally, we are open to collaboration using the global data set which we will have access to (over 100,000 responses from 34 countries in 2013, more in 2016). As an indicator of quality and future potential, there have already been recent publications from this project in journals in the entrepreneurship field, such as the Journal of Business Venturing and the Journal of Small Business Management. More details on publications.

To preserve the anonymity of individual universities, no organisation level results will be published from the Australian data. In 2013 we have about 400 usable responses which is a good beginning and certainly sufficient to test the proposition made in our first round involvement, but our coverage of Australia is incomplete, we need more other University partners. Please consider becoming a partner or a supporter of this project, it is well organised, efficiently run (by The University of St Gallen, Switzerland) and can yield deeper understanding of entrepreneurship education in a university context.