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GUESS Survey

Three students smiling while using laptop

Student Survey on entrepreneurship

Curtin University is the national representative for the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Student Survey (GUESSS) for 2013/14 and 2016. GUESSS is a global initiative, which aims to find out about university students’ plans to engage in any form of entrepreneurship.

Dr Paull Weber and Dr Louis Geneste are leading the project, which is sponsored by Curtin Business School with support from educational book publishers, Wiley Australia. Wiley are offering a $1000 book prize draw, open to all associates of Australian Universities who assist in promoting GUESSS Australia 2016.

When can i take the survey?


take the survey

The survey is open from the 1st of April 2016. It is applicable to undergraduate and postgraduate students of any discipline, who are currently studying at any Australian university. Whether you have plans to engage in entrepreneurial activity or not, you are still eligible to take the survey. There is a $2000 cash prize available for all eligible entrants (Terms and Conditions)