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Current students


Clerkships are usually 3 weeks in duration and students will need to apply directly through the Law firm they are interested in. The Law School will provide CV and selection criteria workshops for students in the lead up to the clerkship application process.

What the students say..

“As a mature age student, my goal was to study law to the best of my ability and enter the legal profession as quickly as possible. I chose Curtin Law School because it offered a trimester curriculum. A curriculum that allows students to complete an LLB sooner than the standard LLB offered at any other University. I soon discovered that Curtin Law School was an excellent environment for students who were dedicated and committed to the study of law. An LLB at Curtin provided the means to perform well, under the teachings of passionate high calibre lecturers, which in turn has given me confidence in the ability to transfer skills learned to the legal profession. Graduating with an LLB from Curtin Law School has enabled me to engage prominent legal figures on my quest for employment and has also created opportunities outside of the legal profession. This is a career change for me, one that will see me through the rest of my life. I have Curtin Law School to thank for an exciting new future.”

Carla Ditchfield-Hunia Graduate, Law

“The trimester system is the reason I chose to study Law at Curtin University. It is an ideal and unique program, which has enabled me to fast track my studies and attain a Bachelor of Laws degree in substantially less time than ordinarily required to complete the academic qualification. Accessible and supportive faculty staff, and insightful lectures coupled with practical seminars have provided me with exceptional legal knowledge and skills. I feel well equipped and confident in pursuing a career as a lawyer following my studies at Curtin Law School, and look forward to the diverse employment opportunities within the legal profession.”

Sanja Nenadic, Graduate, Law