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Study areas

At the School of Information Systems, you’ll have the opportunity to study business information systems, business information technology, and logistics and supply chain management. You can choose to focus on one area, or study a combination of areas to supplement your knowledge.

Business Information Systems and Business Information Technology

Businesses rely on information systems to obtain, process and output information. They need IT professionals who can analyse and identify problems and find system solutions.

The study of business information technology focuses on how IT is used to collect, process and output information in organisations, and provides an in-depth knowledge of application development and design, and systems implementation and management.

An information systems (IS) specialist analyses and maps out an organisation’s business processes to work out how to optimise its operations. They design, deliver, test and implement IT systems and provide staff with desktop or network support.

If you want to work on the business side of IT, studying business information systems at CBS will put you on the right path. You’ll learn how business information systems are selected, managed and applied to business problems, and gain an understanding of systems analysis and project management.

Jobs in IS and IT include systems or business analyst roles, which help to identify and solve business needs; IT manager positions responsible for the development and maintenance of ICT systems within an organisation; and project manager roles, involved in ICT projects through from scoping through to development and implementation.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Have you ever wondered how companies transport their products to other places? Getting from raw material to customer doesn’t happen by accident. Logistics and supply chain professionals work behind the scenes to manage the supply of goods and services from the point of origin to its final destination in the fastest, safest and cheapest way possible.

Our logistics and supply chain management courses cover the foundations and techniques of management, law, supply chain management, purchasing and procurement. You’ll also have the opportunity to examine a range of issues applicable to strategic procurement, such as competitive conduct, strategy, logistics, and management, as well as systems analysis and design, operations management, project management, and business statistics.

After studying logistics with us, you’ll be well prepared for wide-ranging employment prospects. It’s an area of business that has many opportunities, including operational and managerial roles in transport, purchasing, supply chain management, distribution, manufacturing and retail.

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