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Honours program

Curtin Business School offers a one-year program leading to the award of Bachelor of Commerce (Honours). Eligible students may choose to specialise in business information systems within the honours program.

Honours in business information systems is available to students who have demonstrated academic excellence, and entry into the program is competitive.

It provides you with an additional year of study consisting of a further four units and a research thesis. You are expected to develop higher-level skills related to a specific discipline area; to acquire research skills appropriate to your discipline; to understand the fundamentals of conceptual, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related research; and to conduct research in a selected area using the concepts and principles learned, which will culminate in the completion of an honours thesis.

Why study honours? The honours program is only offered to students with an outstanding academic record

An honours degree is not for everyone. It is only offered to students with an outstanding academic record. It differentiates you from graduates of the standard undergraduate degree by requiring an additional year of research-based study to produce a specialised dissertation.

Graduates with a high-quality honours degree may have a competitive advantage over other graduates in the marketplace, as some employers may perceive the added qualification as a demonstration of advanced knowledge and ability.

Along with the specialised research skills you’ll develop through the completion of your dissertation, an honours degree can potentially open up a wider range of career possibilities that go beyond the jobs typically available to graduates of the standard undergraduate program.

Admission requirements Application considered on the basis of your academic record

Admission to an honours program is at the discretion of the manager of postgraduate and honours programs, who consider each application on the basis of your academic record. A working guideline for acceptance is an undergraduate degree in information systems or related fields demonstrating high academic results.

Course structure The honours program can be completed in either one or two years

  • one-year full-time study or two years part-time study
  • four units of advanced coursework and the completion of a research thesis
  • small classes of 10-15 students, which allows for significant interaction and a different mode of learning and study

Research thesis Provides evidence of the student's ability to undertake original research

  • must be submitted as part of the honours year
  • worth 100 credits and is regarded as a critical part of the the program because it provides evidence of the student’s ability to undertake original research under supervision
  • supervisor is appointed after consultation with the student, the Manager of Postgraduate studies and Honours Programs and relevant staff
  • each student must prepare a research proposal as part of the unit, Introduction to Research Methods for Honours MGMT4005. The proposal is prepared with the supervisor who will provide feedback and advice on the student’s proposed research.

Assessment A scale is used in assessing the honours grade from results in the honours year

First Honours Grade

The class of Honours is determined by the Head of School considering the recommendation of the Examiners Panel . The final honours grade is obtained after weighting the dissertation grade and the coursework grades.


  • an examination panel appointed to examine all Honours dissertations
  • panel consists of the Manager of Postgraduate studies and Honours Programs, and the student’s supervisor and if required, an independent staff member appointed by the Head of School.

Examiners reports

  • the student is entitled to receive two examiners reports
  • copies of dissertations submitted for examination will be returned to candidates immediately after the examination process. Errors and other matters noted by the examiners shall be corrected by candidates before submission of a bound copy of the dissertation. Two hard cover bound copies of the dissertation are to be prepared by the student, one to be kept by the student, the other to be handed to the School.