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When you study at the School of Economics and Finance, you’ll have the opportunity to study banking, economics, finance, and property. You can choose to focus your studies on one area, or to combine complementary disciplines to supplement your knowledge.


Banking is integral to businesses, governments and the lives of everyday people. Using analytical knowledge and skills to help customers find financial solutions, bankers may arrange a customer’s personal finance or assist them with expanding an existing business.

By studying banking, you’ll develop a working knowledge of banking and financial systems. You’ll learn about financial markets and institutions, covering developments in the financial sector and management of financial institutions. You’ll also cover bank lending, international trade, banking law, and banking practice and management.

Please note that banking can only be undertaken as part of a double major within the Bachelor of Commerce.

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Economists soak up the world around them, examining the effects of change made by governments and organisations. From these, they draw conclusions and predict trends, studying the collective behaviour of people, businesses, industries, the environment, governments and countries.

An economics degree can give you the education and skills you’ll need to work in this diverse and stimulating discipline. When you graduate, you could find yourself choosing a career from a range of industry sectors, including banking and finance, government agencies, resource management, media, and econometrics. As an economics graduate, you’ll have the ability to see things on a larger scale and to communicate what you see in simple terms.

Our economics courses are designed to give you an understanding of how choices made by government, producers and consumers can impact on economic growth, unemployment, inflation, poverty and wealth. You can develop valuable analytical skills and choose to expand your study into areas such as international economics or public sector economics.

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Studying finance can give you a broad understanding of the structure and operations of financial management. You’ll learn about investment evaluation, how to make decisions on funding activities, and understand the role of financial markets.

Finance-related knowledge and qualifications can open up a wide range of career opportunities, both within Australia and overseas. Finance is at the core of world commerce, and there is always a need for qualified industry professionals, even in times of market uncertainty.

When you study finance at Curtin Business School, you’ll have access to the only university trading room in Western Australia, enabling you to gain hands-on experience in a simulated real-world environment.

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Want a career in property? With Western Australia’s rapid development, it is an exciting time for the property industry. Within the Bachelor of Commerce, you can elect to undertake a single major in property development and valuation, or combine the property discipline into a double major with finance or marketing.

The only university property degrees in Western Australia, our courses are practical, engaging and industry-focused. They cover a range of disciplines including economics, finance, investment, construction, planning and valuation, and you’ll be engaged by experienced industry professionals and distinguished researchers.

Our property courses offer practical, market-relevant education crucial to entering a dynamic environment. When you graduate with a degree in property studies, you could go on to become a valuer, property manager, property analyst, land economist, asset manager and developer.

Property development and valuation provides you with the educational qualification necessary to obtain Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) status with the Australian Property Institute (API), which can open up a career in valuation. This single major and our double major Property and Finance are also accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which is recognised internationally in over 100 counties.

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