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Department of Mineral and Energy Economics

The Department of Mineral and Energy Economics (DMEE) originated within the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) in Kalgoorlie, a prominent mining town for over a century.

Since its foundation in 1902 WASM has earned a reputation as an important centre of mining education both within Australia and internationally. DMEE has established a strong international reputation for excellence in education and research in mineral economics and is now proudly housed at the CGSB.

The decision to expand the program into a department and co-locate within the CGSB is an acknowledgement of the program’s success in developing future leaders within the resources sector. It complements the CGSB’s achievements as a leading provider of graduate management and leadership education and its particular expertise in resource and energy markets and puts the CGSB in a strong position to create the leading thinkers and managers required for the next resources boom. Our combined linkages with the resources industry have given students the opportunity to gain a high quality education that combines practical and theoretical elements building most effectively on the strong partnership between the CGSB and WASM.

Most of our students are mid-career resource sector professionals aiming to broaden their skills to move into more senior management or decision-making roles from government and private sector companies.  About 30% of students are mining engineers, 30% are geologists and 15% are metallurgists.  The remainder are a mix of commerce/business, economics and law graduates.  The average age is 33 years.  While most are from the region, we also enjoy support from other parts of Australia and internationally. Over the span of the program, it has attracted students from 25 nations.  Graduates from the programs may be found in a range of senior managerial and decision-making roles in sectors such as consulting, government, politics, construction and mining and energy related companies.