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Unit outlines

Current student can log into the Curtin Learning and Teaching website for up-to-date unit outlines. Sample unit outlines from previous years can be found below.

Unit TitleUnit Outline
Advanced Qualitative Research MethodsAdvanced Qualitative Research Methods 2016/S2/Fully Online
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 2016/S1/Face to Face
Alternative and Secondary Energy MarketsAlternative and Secondary Energy Markets 2016/T3/Intensive
Commodity Derivatives and Risk ManagementCommodity Derivatives and Risk Management 2016/T2/Intensive
Contract and Procurement OptimisationContract and Procurement Optimisation 2016/T1/Face to Face
Corporate Finance for ManagersCorporate Finance for Managers 2016/T3/ Face to Face
Corporate Finance for Managers 2016/T2/Fully Online
Econometrics and ForecastingEconometrics and Forecasting 2016/T2/Intensive
Economics for ManagersEconomics for Managers 2016/T3/Face to Face
Economics for Managers 2016/T3/Fully Online
Energy PolicyEnergy Policy 2016/T2/Intensive
Energy Policy and the Environment (Robert Gordon University)
Entrepreneurship: Innovation and CommercialisationEntrepreneurship and Creativity 2016/T3/Face to Face
Financial and Management Accounting for BusinessFinancial and Management Accounting for Business 2016/T3/Face to Face
Financial and Management Accounting for Business 2016/T3/Fully Online
Fundamentals of LeadershipFundamentals of Leadership 2016/T2/Intensive
Graduate Business Research ProjectGraduate Business Research Project 2016/T3/Blended
Human Resource StrategiesHuman Resource Strategies 2016/T3/Fully Online
Human Resource Strategies 2016/T2/Face to Face
International Business Study TourInternational Business Study Tour 2016/S2/Face to Face
International Oil and Gas MarketsInternational Oil and Gas Markets 2016/T3/Fully Online
International Oil and Gas Markets 2016/T2/Face to Face
Leadership in a Dynamic Global EnvironmentLeadership in a Dynamic Global Environment 2016/T2/Blended
Leading and Facilitating TeamsLeading and Facilitating Teams 2016/T3/Intensive
Legal Framework for ManagersLegal Framework for Managers 2016/T3/Fully Online
Legal Framework for Managers 2016/T3/Face to Face
Legal Framework for Managers 2016/T1/Intensive
Legal Issues in Human ResourcesLegal Issues in Human Resources 2016/T2/Face to Face
Managerial EffectivenessManagerial Effectiveness 2016/T3/Fully Online
Managerial Effectiveness 2016/T1/Intensive
Marketing for ManagersMarketing for Managers 2016/T3/Face to Face
Marketing for Managers 2016/T2/Fully Online
Mineral Finance and Project EvaluationMineral Finance and Project Evaluation 2016/T3/Blended
Mineral Market AnalysisMineral Market Analysis 2016/T2/Blended
Mineral and Energy Economics CapstoneMineral and Energy Economics Capstone 2016/S2/Blended
Natural Resources EconomicsNatural Resources Economics 2016/T3/Fully Online
Natural Resources Economics 2016/T2/Intensive
Oil and Gas Contract (Robert Gordon University)
Oil and Gas Management (Robert Gordon University)
Organisational Behaviour for ManagersOrganisational Behaviour for Managers 2016/T3/Face to Face
Organisational Behaviour for Managers 2016/T3/Fully Online
Organisational Change and DevelopmentOrganisational Change and Development 2016/T3/Intensive
Organisational Change and Development 2016/T1/Fully Online
Philosophy and EthicsPhilosophy and Ethics 2016/T1/Face to Face
Primary Energy EconomicsPrimary Energy Economics 2016/T2/Blended
Regional and Socioeconomic ImpactRegional and Socioeconomic Impact/2016/T3/Intensive
Resource Cost and CapitalResource Cost and Capital 2016/T2/Intensive
Resource Sector FinanceResource Sector Finance 2016/T3/Intensive
Resource Sector ManagementResource Sector Management 2016/T2/Blended
Scenarios and Strategy
Strategic Operations ManagementStrategic Operations Management 2016/T3/Fully Online
Strategic Operations Management 2016/T1/Face to Face
Strategic Project ManagementStrategic Project Management 2016/T2/Fully Online
Strategic Project Management 2016/T1/Face to Face
Strategy and International Business CompetitivenessStrategy and International Business Competitiveness 2016/T3/Blended/Intensive
Strategy and International Business Competitiveness 2016/T3/Face to Face
Sustainability Management StrategiesSustainability Management Strategies 2015/T2/Fully Online