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Studying online

Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular choice for students at the Curtin Graduate School of Business.

We recognise that students do not need to be physically present in order to be active and enthusiastic learners.  Online learning is an appealing option for students living in regional Australia, interstate or overseas, as well as those working under increasingly  fluid definitions of a ‘working day’.  The CGSB has always believed in creating flexible study experiences for our students; we believe that our ability to embrace new technologies and shifting cultural dynamics is one of our strengths.  The CGSB uses Blackboard as a platform for its online delivery.

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a learning management system that is web-based.  It is used as the platform to deliver our fully online units and to supplement our face to face and intensive units.   Each online unit contains a set of modules with a standard structure along with some important links to assist students with assignment writing and preparation. Within the Blackboard (Bb) environment, students communicate directly with students and their instructor using discussion boards and live chat software.  Students also access their readings directly through the site through our digital library services in most cases. There are links to a range of resources on the world wide web,  identified by the instructor, to support your learning.  Units are also accompanied by ‘i-lectures’ which students watch online. Some of these are delivered by the instructor, whereas others may be delivered by other scholars or business professionals.  A ‘My Grades’ centre is contained within Bb which also allows you to manage your assignments and grades and collect your feedback.

What equipment is required?

Studying online requires that you have access to the appropriate computer equipment, software and have a reliable and preferably high speed internet link .  Most individuals who use the Internet regularly will generally be able to study online with no problem. This site will provide you with the technical requirements for studying online.

Blackboard: What to know more?

Getting help

Should you require assistance of any kind during the course of your study, please make sure you direct your queries to the appropriate area in order to get the result you need quickly.  For content-related issues about your units, contact your Lecturer.  For technical issues relating to your online unit, please fill in the online help form available.

Accessing Blackboard

Access to your online unit in Blackboard will become available once the trimester has started.  It is recommended that you access your online unit in Blackboard via OASIS, where it is located under “My Studies” tab.  Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser for using Blackboard. If you have not activated your OASIS logon, please log in and follow the prompts.

You can also use this direct link to Blackboard.  If you use this link, you will have to login separately; the login and password are exactly the same as for OASIS.  This alternative pathway may be useful if OASIS is down for maintenance. However, for full functionality, it is preferable that you enter your Bb units via OASIS.