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Postgraduate admissions and enrolments

Students who have applied and been accepted for postgraduate study for the first time need to enrol. If you have completed a trimester or more of study and are continuing in the same course at the CGSB, you are a re-enrolling student.

CGSB enrolment procedures are a little different to enrolling in units as an undergraduate or in units offered to postgraduates at the Bentley campus. Read through the following for information about these procedures:

How do I develop a study plan?

Students are advised to develop their individual study plan (their plan to complete the course) by referring to:
Courses and programs – this area contains information about course structures for each course and its majors.
• Unit outlines – this area contains information on unit descriptions and houses current and past unit outlines
Timetables – this area contains timetable information for the entire academic year as well as important information on deadlines.

With these three tools, you should be able to plan and map out how to achieve your desired course outcome. Please remember that certain majors within each course have their own compulsory as well as optional units. It is important to check these requirements against timetable information as not every unit is offered in every study period nor in every delivery mode (face-to-face, online, intensive).

Should I enrol into all units in each year?

At the commencement of each year all new enrolling students and all continuing students are required to determine their annual study plan and enrol into all units they plan on undertaking that year This administrative requirement allows the school to better manage the demand for particular units. Please refer to the Unit Outline and Timetable for information about which units are available, when and in which delivery mode – online, face-to-face or intensive. If you are not commencing at the start of an academic year, but in Trimester 2, we ask that you also enrol for any units taken in Trimester 3 of that academic year.

Enrolment into units is subject to class size.

The CGSB reserves the right to cancel units where there is insufficient demand (i.e. less than 15 enrolled students).

How do I enrol?

Enrolment into courses and units at the CGSB, is online through OASIS .
In order to enrol, you will need to provide the course study package number, which is the 6-digit number found in the heading of each course webpage: eg. the course study package number for the Master of Business Administration MC-BUSADM.

If you have any problems with your online enrolment, please contact the CGSB Student Services Office

When are the deadlines for enrolment?

If you are commencing study at the beginning of an academic year, we ask that you enrol in all the units you are planning for that year. If you commence in Trimester 2, we ask that you also enrol in the units you are planning to take in Trimester 3. We accept enrolments for commencement of study in all three trimesters, meaning you do not have to commence your course at the beginning of an academic year, but may commence in either Trimester 2 or Trimester 3.

However you must adhere to enrolment deadlines which can be found here.

What if a unit I want to enrol is is full?

It is very important to enrol by the deadlines given by the CGSB because units can fill up quickly and the later you enrol the more chance you will have on missing out on studying the unit you want. CGSB class sizes are restricted due to OH&S requirements.

If there is sufficient demand, another class may be opened. If you are not able to be placed in the unit, the Student Services Office (SSO) will advise you to choose an alternative unit or you may choose to take a Leave of Absence for that particular trimester.

Am I expected to attend my first class and then every class of my unit/s?

It is very important for you to attend your first class so your enrolment in the class can be confirmed by your lecturer who will take a roll call for attendance. Please note that you are not able to attend a class unless you are enrolled in that class – no exceptions. If you attend a class and are not enrolled in that class, the lecturer will ask you to leave and contact the SSO during business hours to check your enrolment.

Additionally, where there are 2 or more classes running for the same unit on the same night, you will be automatically allocated a place in one class. The SSO will not take requests from students to switch classes.
To ensure your success it is important that you attend all classroom sessions, seminars and events as these have been designed to deepen your understanding of the theoretical and practical management concepts you will encounter. Attendance also enables you to network with staff and classmates and gain insight from other colleagues about their experiences in other sectors.

If you are unable to attend a session or class due to illness or work commitments you must always contact your lecturer and any group members you may be working with to advise them of your absence. All classes will have a minimum attendance requirement and most lecturers will advise that it is not acceptable to miss more than 1 or 2 classes in the trimester (intensive classes excluded). Students enrolled in intensive classes should attend all sessions.

What if I want to change my enrolment or withdraw from a unit?

Although we require you to enrol into all units within an academic year, you may subsequently vary your enrolment and chosen study plan. It is important to note that fees and penalties apply for late enrolment and late withdrawal.

If your circumstances change and you need to withdraw from a unit, you need to do so within the ‘withdrawal without penalty’ period and before the ‘census date’ (the date after which academic and financial penalties apply). If you withdraw after the census date academic and financial penalties will apply. For a list of these dates, please refer to the Fee Information, Important Dates and Forms area of the CGSB website. They are also found on page one of your trimester timetables.

What is Credit for Recognised Learning and how do I apply?

Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) is recognition of previous study that may provide credit towards your current Curtin course. The CGSB only approves CRL for equivalent postgraduate study completed at a recognised institution.

You must officially apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and supply original or certified copies of supporting documents such as transcripts, unit outlines and course information with your application. Applications should be submitted to CGSB Student Services.

I need a break - can I take time off from my study?

Following enrolment, you are expected to study continuously until your course is completed. You are, however, entitled to one or more periods of approved leave of absence from your course. Please note that once a Leave of Absence has been approved, your access to facilities (e.g. library, building access) will be suspended during your time of absence.

The Leave of Absence form contains instructions and specifies the regulations of application and must be approved and lodged with the Program Director before the census date for the applicable trimester. As with enrolment forms, Leave of Absence forms should be submitted directly to the CGSB Student Services office at the Perth City Campus or emailed if signed and scanned.

Where and when can I find out my grades?

At the end of each trimester (i.e. in week 15 of the CGSB calendar) the CGSB holds a Board of Examiner (BOE) meeting to ratify the final grades awarded to individual students for each unit completed. The BOE determines the academic status of each student as: Good Standing; Conditional; or Course Terminated.
Good Standing status is affected if a student fails more than twice in the same unit or in two separate units.
Results from the BOE are made available in Week 16. Results from intensive units which are held between trimesters are ratified at the conclusion of the subsequent trimester. For example, results from an intensive unit run in August (between Trimester 2 and Trimester 3) will not be available until the conclusion of the Trimester 3 BOE in December.

Trimester results are available via OASIS. Your official academic record is issued from Student Central at the end of your course. You can request for official documents here.

I'm not happy with my academic status or grade - is there an appeals process?

If you have been placed on a Conditional or Terminated status and believe there were factors outside your control that have affected your work that should have been taken into consideration by your lecturer, you have the right to seek an Academic Status Appeal. If you wish to appeal against your Conditional or Terminated status, you will need to set out in writing the reasons for your appeal and to include relevant documents that support your claim. Appeals will only be accepted accompanied by the appeal coversheet, ‘Appeal Against Decision to Terminate from Course (Not Achieving Satisfactory Course Progress) ‘ found here.

Send your completed appeal application to:

Attn: Examinations Office
Director, Student Services
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987
Perth WA 6845

Appeals must be received within twenty (20) working days of the notification of your academic status, if you wish your appeal to be considered. Submit only one appeal. Multiple versions of the same appeal will slow down your appeal decision. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your appeal.

Appeals against the grade in a particular unit must follow the University appeals process and timing for Appeal Against Assessment. Appeals against termination resulting from the accommodation of more than two failures or more than four units under 60% will not be considered.