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Professional Portfolio

The CGSB Professional Portfolio is a tool for extending and developing professional development opportunities for CGSB students. It is a practical way to build on skills learned through our coursework and also contributes to the CGSB’s strategy of encouraging life-long learning.

As part of the CGSB’s requirements for graduation, all MBA students are required to complete at least 40 hours of professional development. MSc/MBA students are required to complete at least 20 hours of professional development. GCB and GDB students are also recommended to accrue hours in the event that they continue their studies at the CGSB (GCB: 10 hours; GDB: 25 hours).

New students are encouraged to use the online iPortfolio accessible through OASIS. It can act as a simple repository for attendance certificates or be used to develop a sophisticated and comprehensive online portfolio using a wide variety of media. Used to its fullest potential the iPortfolio allows students to include video footage, invite fellow students and employers to view parts of, or all of the portfolio and so can be used as part of a curriculum vitae.

More information about the Portfolio can be found in the answers to the following frequently asked questions:

Why have a Portfolio?

In the past, student participation in extracurricular activities at the CGSB has been entirely voluntary and not officially recognised by the School. In an effort to formalise these activities and in response to feedback from learning facilitators, employers and students, we have decided to integrate and recognise student participation in extracurricular professional and career development activities through the development of the CGSB Professional Portfolio. Many professional bodies require their members to participate in continued professional development. The CGSB Professional Portfolio is similar in this regard; the goal being to improve students’ technical and professional skills and as a result, their career prospects.

Who needs to be involved?

The Portfolio is a requirement for graduation. Although it is not a requirement for GCB or GDB students, we strongly recommend that students enrolled in these courses start accumulating professional portfolio hours. Our suggestion is that GCB students aim to complete 10 hours by the time they complete their certificate; GDB students should aim to complete 25 hours by the completion of their diploma. Hours accumulated during the GCB and GDB enrolment will count towards the 40 hours requirement at the Masters level.

What are the benefits to me?

The many benefits of the Portfolio include:

  • facilitated access to extended personal and professional development opportunities and resources;
  • support for the learning in formal coursework activities;
  • enhancement of student career opportunities, and
  • formal recognition of student participation in extracurricular activities that afford personal and professional development opportunities.

The advantages of the iPortfolio include being able to create an online CV for use with potential and current employers for new job or promotional opportunities.

What counts as a 'recognised' activity?

Recognised Portfolio activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Attendance at CGSB Student Orientation events
  • Attendance at CGSB seminars and workshops (eg. the CGSB Business Leaders Series)
  • Participating in CGSB Alumni events
  • Participation in the CGSB Toastmasters Club
  • Participation in the Curtin Business School career development programs
  • Undertaking training opportunities through the Curtin Computing Centre and Curtin Communications Skills Centre
  • Attendance at work-related conferences
  • Presenting or speaking at work-related conferences
  • Participation in foreign language courses
  • Participation in CGSB units as an Extension Student
  • Participation in CGSB-run international study tours or exchange programs
  • Undertaking a supervised business application project resulting in a management report for an organisation

As you can see, the scope for inclusion is wide.

Where and how do I record my activities?

Where: Students are required to log their portfolio activities through the i-Portfolio system (available through OASIS).
There are a number of advantages with the i-Portfolio system. Amongst other things it offers an easy way to record as well as upload and store your evidence. In addition to recording your professional portfolio initiatives (under the ‘courses tab’ within the i-Portfolio system) you may also use the i-Portfolio to upload examples of your work and develop your CV. You have the control over who you invite in to view your portfolio. You may, for example, wish to invite in prospective employers if you have used the i-Portfolio to showcase your skills.

How: Acceptable supporting documentation may include proof of enrolment, attendance or participation certificates, receipts, assessment reports and/or statutory declarations.

How will I know how and what to claim?

Many activities you undertake for inclusion in the Portfolio will have an obvious structure and timeframe. Others may be more difficult to quantify but should not be excluded on this basis only. If you are participating in a less-structured, more informal activity, but one with obvious personal or professional development outcomes, you should include it in your Log. You must determine the relevant aims and learning outcomes of the activity and detail how it contributed to your development.
The hours claimed equate to the length of time you participated in the activity. If the timeframe is not evidently clear from your supporting documentation, you should approach the organising body for a letter or email confirming your participation and the duration of the event.

What if I participate in an activity that's not on the list?

If you are unsure as to whether an activity you have undertaken is valid for inclusion in the Portfolio, you should contact CGSB Student Services.

Can I claim participation in professional development activities prior to enrolling in the MBA program?

You may only claim on Portfolio activities that you have engaged in while enrolled at the CGSB. If you started your journey at the CGSB in a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma program, activities undertaken during this time may also be included.

Do I need to develop a Portfolio if I’m enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Business or Graduate Diploma in Business Programs?

The Portfolio is only a compulsory requirement for MBA students. All Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma students are, however, encouraged to participate in Portfolio activities and maintain a Portfolio Log in the event that you decide to continue your studies in an MBA program. Our suggestion is that GCB students aim to complete 10 hours by the time they complete their certificate; GDB students should aim to complete 25 hours by the completion of their diploma. Portfolio activities logged during your time as a GCB or GDB student will count towards your Portfolio as an MBA student.

I am enrolled fully online. Will I be able to meet the minimum 40-hour requirement?

While many of the extracurricular personal and professional development opportunities offered through Curtin require face-to-face attendance, you are not restricted to participating in Curtin activities. Seminars, workshops, courses and public lectures offered through other institutions are all eligible for inclusion in your Portfolio. The CGSB will also endeavour to facilitate access to extracurricular technical and professional development through Blackboard.

How will my Portfolio be assessed?

The CGSB will audit a sample of portfolios prior to students graduating from their coursework masters program. If you are selected for audit you will be notified in writing and given further instructions as to how to lodge your portfolio.
The onus will be on you to ensure you collect and upload your evidence for evaluation purposes.
If you are using the i-Portfolio you will be given instructions as to whom you need to “invite” in. The audit of the i-Portfolio may be done online.

I still have more questions? Who can I ask?

If you have any further queries about the Portfolio, please contact CGSB Student Services.