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Academic Mentoring Program

As entry to the CGSB is highly competitive, your offer of a place in a CGSB course is an important achievement.  If you’ve had a break from study or have never studied before, beginning your first trimester can be challenging as the transition to graduate study may require some reorganisation in the way you think about yourself. The CGSB is committed to ensuring that all students are provided with appropriate assistance during their transition to the School and its courses and so, the CGSB Academic Mentoring Program (AMP) for commencing students was developed.

The overriding purpose of the Program is to ensure that new students at the CGSB are assisted in making the transition to life at the CGSB and their studies a successful one and in order to help with this process, commencing students have the opportunity to register for allocation of a CGSB Mentor.  The mentors in the program are recent graduates who have kindly volunteered their time, experience and skills in social and academic life to help you settle more easily into your studies and new environment. The AMP is set up as a ‘buddy system’, giving new students a contact for the simple questions they don’t want to ask their lecturer.  While the program is voluntary, we recommend that all new students register for the Program.

The AMP runs formally for one trimester only as we believe that the main objectives of the program will be met within that time frame.  Any ensuing arrangement between the mentor and mentees after trimester end will be deemed outside the AMP and conducted at the discretion of the two parties.

CGSB Academic Mentoring Program Contacts

There is no guarantee that all mentor-mentee arrangements work out though all groups are encouraged to initially try to resolve any issues within the group. The point of first contact for all communication both positive and negative can be directed to Kim McMullan, who will endeavour to assist with any queries or concerns.

Academic Mentoring Program Guidelines