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Financial support

The cost of postgraduate studies varies depending on the course you choose. There are a number of payment options to assist students cover the fees:

Women in MBA Scholarship

The Women in MBA Scholarship, valued at $20,000, has been developed by Curtin Graduate School of Business to encourage and support female students who have chosen to study a Master of Business Administration (MBA) either as a full-time or part-time student at CGSB in 2016.

Applications close: 08/04/2016

FEE-HELP You maybe able to access a Government loan

Australian citizens wishing to undertake graduate studies may be able to access Government underwritten loans through an interest-free loan arrangement.

For more information, please visit the Department of Education and Training.

Employer Education Assistance (EEAPS) Your employee could help

If the cost of postgraduate study seems too much for you to afford, your employer might be able to help. Many forward-thinking employers have developed formal Employee Education Assistance Policies (EEAPs).

Most successful EEAPs are based on sharing the costs. For example, you and your employer each pay half the tuition fees and you pay the other costs. There are several advantages to cost sharing. For instance, the fees and other expenses are generally tax deductible for both, and there is no Fringe Benefit Tax for the organisation to worry about.

Here are some other good reasons why any employer should consider giving assistance:

  • It attracts and helps retain well-qualified and experienced staff.
  • It increases employee job satisfaction.
  • It shows a commitment to staff development and training, and to internal succession planning.
  • It ensures that the organisation is at the forefront of management and industry practices
    it also fosters the loyalty of staff.

If you are considering approaching your boss for postgraduate assistance, provide a written submission highlighting the benefits of your proposal and the direct and indirect costs. In your submission include:

  • The nature of the course or research.
  • The tax deductibility status of the study.
  • The benefits to you and the organisation. (Research students should be aware of issues, such as intellectual property, that may arise when an employer hopes to benefit from your research).
  • A calculation of the total tuition costs, including fees, text books and other course materials
    an estimate of the time required off work.
  • The assistance you are asking for – share of costs, time off work etc.

All these considerations apply principally to part-time study. If you want to take your course full-time, your employer may be far less open to negotiation. Investigate a scholarship or research award. Your employer can support you by endorsing your scholarship application and by keeping your position open until you have completed your course.

For more information, visit Future Students Postgraduate Studies