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Curtin Growth Syndicates

A Growth Syndicate is a group of successful SME business leaders (all fellow graduates of the Growth Owner Program) meeting regularly, expressly to provide mutual support and learning, and professionally chaired by an experienced business sage.

What do the Syndicates offer?

  • nine syndicate meetings per year (excludes Dec, Jan, July)
  • a fellowship of about sixteen members, personally invited to create a diverse group of business leaders (and free of competing business interests)
  • a professional chair to run efficient, productive meetings
  • a meeting agenda jointly ‘owned’ by the members, with flexibility to change if members raise emergency issues
  • catered morning tea and hot lunch
  • meetings held at C4E and occasional site visits
  • a one-on-one extended meeting per year at your business with the Chair, plus monthly individual conversations
  • expert guests, invited to speak on topics determined by the Syndicate
  • Curtin Growth resources to support the Chair and the Syndicate.

What value and benefit can you expect?

  • A successful peer group, to act as a sounding board
  • Time away from the business for reflection and stimulation
  • Reduced sense of isolation
  • A problem-solving forum, with open, candid, robust discussion
  • A catalyst for positive change and decision-making
  • Sharing experiences with like-minded people
  • Development and growth – personal, social and business
  • Discussion topics and guests chosen by the group
  • A source of lifelong friendships
  • Social involvement for member spouses
  • A measurable, financial benefit