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Success stories

Read some of the success stories from graduates of our program:

Joe Arrigo

Joe Arrigo, Lightspeed Communications

“Pricing was the biggest thing I learnt. How to manage money and cash flow, explaining the cost of overheads and making sure you’re not working for free.”

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Tracy Browning

Tracy Browning, GETS Mining

“Being taught by people who actually were experienced in business makes a huge difference.”

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Chris Gibbs

Chris Gibbs, BE Surveys

“I went to the Curtin Growth Program with  specific skills that I wanted to acquire. The personal life learnings and self-awareness put my life on a totally different course. If you don’t get yourself right, how can you get a business right?”

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Phil Gresley

Phil Gresley, Gresley Abas Architects

“The course was geared up so perfectly for the time-poor professional.”

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Salim Hazife

Salim Hazife, Perth Inflight Catering

“It’s kinda like Alcoholics Anonymous for business! One of the best things I found about going to those Program days is going to see that group of people you have formed a connection with.”

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Amanda Healy

Amanda Healy, Kirrikin

“I had to look past the corporate market to make Kirrikin the best it could be, so I joined the Curtin Ignition Program and loved every minute of it.”

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Mark Keenan

Mark Keenan, Momentum Engineering

“The Growth Program is aptly named because it grows the person, not just the business.”

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John Klauz & Adam Beavis

John Klauz & Adam Beavis, Kwinana Physiotherapy

“Since we started the program our turnover has quadrupled. So we’ve doubled the profit, doubled the percentage and quadrupled the volume.”

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Bob Motherwell

Bob Motherwell, Creative by Design

“I have almost a debt of gratitude to the methods, processes and reviewing business practices over the

Growth Program.”

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Matt Baldock

Matt Baldock, Global Spill Control

“The course helped me to quickly reach my financial goals so I could start to look at what else I wanted to do.”

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Georgie Lenzo

Georgie Lenzo, Atlas Linen

“My confidence was built and ingrained in seeking out these major contracts through the systems and processes I studied and learnt during the Growth Program.”

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