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What is Growth? In the context of the program, growth can mean two different things

  • making the business larger (e.g. increase turn over, open more outlets), or
  • improving the performance (including profitability) of the business at existing or reduced levels as well as improving your lifestyle.

We have graduates of the program who have cut markets, reduced their turnover, cut staff levels and are infinitely more profitable. Growth can be different things to different people, but the thrust of the program is about improving profitability and the owner/manager being less “hands on”.

Will I be able to just start growing my business? The Growth Owner Program initially focuses on assisting owners to analyse their business

Participants, with their mentors to assist them (see below regarding mentors), conduct an objective review of their business and its potential for growth. Often work is required to be done to prepare the business for growth (e.g. laying the foundations for growth by introducing systems, solving HR issues, improving financial reporting systems, etc.). It is important to do this properly and develop a plan to achieve a stable foundation for growth. In fact, for some participants this process alone takes much of the program to achieve.

Will I be embarrassed by my lack of financial knowledge? The accounting module is designed for non-accountants.

The vast majority of our clients are not comfortable at all with using their financial accounts to assist them manage the business. Most are not able to fully understand their P&L and Balance Sheet. Many participants find this module the most beneficial for them as it has a large (and immediate) impact on the performance of their business. The financial analysis helps identify, in part, the profitable and non-profitable areas of the business. After this analysis people make changes to their business to make it more profitable.

Is there anyone who can give me some hands-on help? Each participant is matched with an experienced mentor or business coach

Participants spend a total of 30 hours one-on-one with their mentor (at mutually convenient places and times). The mentor is not a consultant and will not “do it for you”. However, they will sit at your shoulder and help you learn to do it yourself. Our clients often find that it is “lonely at the top” and they value the relationship with their mentor – particularly as the mentor can look at their business objectively and offer impartial advice. These relationships sometimes continue on for years after the program. Our mentors are all involved in business or are retired after years of being in business. They are experienced at counselling and guiding small business people.

Does this program help me to network? One important benefit of the program is that you are instantly plugged into a new network.

You spend a full day every 3 weeks for 1 year with about 20 like-minded people. Participants learn a lot from each other (particularly in the lunch room when people can exchange ideas and experiences to assist each other). If you have a problem there is bound to be at least one person in the group who has faced that problem and solved it. The room is full of free consultants!
We can plug you into the wider university network. The University sometimes has students who are looking for case studies to complete marketing and business plans. We have been able to introduce clients to students who have done such plans for them at no cost.

Are there any pre-requisites to joining the program? Most of our clients have had little formal education and have learnt on the job.

The Growth Owner program has been developed with this in mind and people who have not completed high school are at no disadvantage. There are no pre-requisites other than having a willingness to learn and participate.

What is the cost of the program? There is an all inclusive costs with scholarships availiable

How do I get value from this investment? We will help you analyse the benefits of the program and its applicability to you.

We realise that this is a significant investment in money and time to undertake the program and acknowledge that you need to be well assured that you will get excellent value from the program.

We try hard to ensure that all participants get good value from their investment and are happy to report that the vast majority do. Often their investment is recouped with one decision.
As a rule of thumb, we find that companies with less than three or four employees or a turnover of less the $250,000 are not likely to get value from the program. That said, we have had participants who have less employees (some have had no employees) and have got excellent results and value from the program. It really depends on your situation, stage of development and plans.

Will you do a hard sell on me? We are not in the business of pressing people into something that is not really suitable for them.

This does no-one any good. The best way to get an understanding of the program is to attend an information session where we will present the merits of the program. We can also provide introductions to people in a similar position to you who have done the program. In the end, we try hard to give you sufficient information to allow you to make an informed decision about the Growth Owner Program and if it will meet your requirements. If this program is not suitable for you we have other options that might be.

What if one of my competitors is on the program? We ensure that there are no competitors on your program.

This ensures participants can share information and experiences freely. Once someone has committed to the program (when we have received the completed registration form and the deposit) they have the first right of refusal if we think a competitor is showing interest in joining the same program.

When do you schedule the workshops? We schedule the training days to suit business people.

All the workshops are single days (9.00 am – 4.00 pm). We do not train during school holidays, on a short week (where a public holiday falls during the working week, around Easter and the end of Financial Year). The dates for the program are given to you before the program begins.