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Curtin Growth Manager

Joe Arrigo in a meeting

Developing good staff is essential to growing your business.

The Growth Manager course is a business development program for business managers and key staff who are committed to improving their business knowledge and decision making ability, whether they are experienced, recently promoted or are being groomed as part of a succession plan.

This program was specifically developed for managers of small to medium businesses turning over $1M+ and covers the full range of business development disciplines. It is unique in Australia and the content and structure of the course will guarantee you the confidence and know how to lead and manage your business to the best of its (and your) potential.

“Moving away from the tools to running a business – we hadn't realised that we needed a whole different set of skills. Without the advice of our Curtin mentor we wouldn't be where we are today. I now know the questions to ask.”

Russell Martin, Topline Partitions & Interiors. Balcatta

The Curtin Growth Manager Program will give you:

  • the time and knowledge to analyse the current operations of the business.
  • a better understanding of finances and how to be more profitable.
  • a better understanding of marketing and to begin the development of a marketing plan.
  • better leadership, communication and management skills.
  • a better understanding of oneself, how to relate to others and why others behave the way they do.
  • an understanding of systems and a template to begin the introduction of systems to the business.
  • how to find and manage the right people and build an effective team.
  • how to develop a plan for the future.
  • learn new, practical skills that directly relate to both the position you are in and where you are at in your career.
  • network and learn from like minded managers of SMEs.
  • you will be individually matched to a highly qualified business mentor dependent on your business and career goals.
  • the course is delivered by highly experienced presenters who are business consultants and practitioners that will provide you with insight and practical  information based on experience with small business clients.

Structure of the Growth Manager Program

Curtin Growth Manager is a comprehensive 10 month program consisting of 11 full-day workshops and one-on-one support from an experienced mentor.

Participants attend a full-day workshop approximately once every 3 weeks. Whilst it is difficult to get away from the daily operations of a busy business, feedback from graduates has been that taking this time away is paramount to your businesses’ future growth and success. History has shown us that for SMEs this is the optimum structure to ensure that learning and application to your business occurs.

Group sizes are about 20 – 24 participants to ensure interaction and maximum learning opportunities.

Mentoring is an important and unique part of Curtin Growth Manager Program. Each participant is provided with 15 hours of individual mentoring from an experienced business coach. This one-on-one mentoring is available to help participants understand and develop new skills and implement changes. You will be individually matched to one of our mentors according to your business and career goals.

The Curtin Growth Manager Program consists of the following 5 modules;

Strategy – you will learn how to objectively review your business, the importance of having a vision and mission, how to use planning tools and how to clarify your focus.

Finance – covers techniques for maximising profitability, monitoring cash flow and working capital, identifying and monitoring key performance indicators and understanding the importance of break even and gross profit.

Marketing – how to align your marketing strategy with your overall business strategy, how to build a brand and an image, customer relationship management and improved sales performance.

HR – how to develop a winning team, the details of how to recruit, manage, and keep good staff in this current environment, effective leadership, how to communicate effectively and the psychology of success.

Systems – why systems are important, how to introduce systems and the impact that they will have on your business efficiency.