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Publishing information

Curtin is recognised for its applied and practical research, focused on real-world problems. It is critical that the research is disseminated widely throughout the community locally, nationally and worldwide.

The academic landscape in Australia is becoming increasingly competitive and Curtin Business School helps its researchers to improve the quality of their publications, and the number of these publications through a number of initiatives.

Open Access

Materials published in open access journals or digital research repositories (e.g. espace) can be accessed without barriers by anyone via the internet. The term open access describes the nature of access. Within scholarly publishing, open access refers to material that is online and digital; without cost to access; peer reviewed research; compliant with copyright legislation; and free of access barriers.

Below is information on Open Access that you may find useful.

Predatory Journals

In academic publishing, predatory publishing involves charging publication fees to authors without providing the editorial and publishing services associated with legitimate journals.

Below is information and interesting commentary pieces on the topic, that may be helpful to you when deciding where to publish your research.

Measuring impact