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Employee Relations

With human capital arguably the most important asset of an organisation, current research in this dynamic field of employee relations covers a range of areas, including employment practices of multinational enterprises operating in Australia; the relationship between labour market regulations and working hours; job quality in Australia; workplace partnerships and forms of voice in the workplace; and Equal Employment Opportunity and diversity management.

Employee Relations

Researchers have sub-speciality areas of expertise in human resource management (HRM) as it pertains to various sectors – including the public, creative industries, aged care, and oil and gas sectors – as well as in training and skills development, and in the HRM aspects of human and community development.

This Research Program has strong collaborative links with both industry and government, with research outcomes influencing business strategies, policies, practices and services.

Current international research partnerships exist with the Toulouse Business School (France), the University of Flensburg and European Management School (Germany), and Queens University (United Kingdom).

Opportunity areas for higher degree by research students are many and include the employee relations practices of multinational enterprises; working time developments and regulations; job quality across different sectors; workplace diversity management programs; human resource development in emerging economies; training and development programs in the care sector; and HRM practices in various industries, such as the creative industries, the oil and gas sector and the public sector.