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Building an Innovative Workplace Culture

Building a culture of innovation is at the top of most corporate agendas. A workplace culture that breeds and supports innovation would never settle for the status quo. Industries who fail to innovate run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Furthermore, the perks of building an innovative culture within the industry certainly spurs new ideas and insights to promote economic growth. However, companies have found it extremely difficult to practice sustained innovation throughout an organisation. How do companies establish a possible framework and system to foster an innovative culture?


Building an innovative workplace culture project

In this research project, applicants may focus on identifying appropriate mechanisms to encourage innovation. This could be done by examining the impacts of KPIs, by determining methods to boost intrapreneurs and exploring different approaches to flourish the internal staff.

Other possible trajectories include developing strategies, tools and/or processes to grow an innovative culture within an organisation; incorporating innovation throughout all levels of the business; and embedding the notion of innovation into a conservative workplace culture.