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The Innovative Blueprint: Developing a more Innovative Australia

This topic concentrates on taking a national focus and seeking to explore how Australia as a nation could improve its innovative capacity. Australia came in 19th on the 2016 Global Innovation Index, a report which ranks 128 countries based on their results for innovation. With countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, the UK and other innovative countries at the forefront to become the world’s innovation hub, this research theme focuses on identifying ways to create a sustainable and innovation nation. Australia needs to step-up its innovative efforts in order not to fall behind pecking order. The Australian innovative blueprint has to be mapped out and placed on national agenda.


The Innovative Blueprint project

The scope of research within this project includes:

  1. Providing case study analysis by exploring on how innovative countries, such as Singapore or Norway manage the process – in essence learning from the best in class.
  2. Exploring correlations in innovations in education and how they manifest into industry innovations.
  3. Assessing impact of the duration of political cycles
  4. Exploring ATO data regarding R&D concessions impact on innovation.
  5. Concentrating on correlation between key conditions/assumptions and proven generation of innovation is discovered.