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Call for papers

In this year’s workshop, we aim to attract researchers, educators, businesses and individuals from all over the world working in the field of sustainability, smart technology, Green IT, and Cloud Computing, in line to raise users’ awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of sustainability and technology including the smart technology.

With the swift growth in technology usage by individuals and businesses alike, both nationally and internationally, technology becomes a substantial instrument not for communication, collaboration, cooperation, but for conducting research, entertainment, finance, human resource, marketing and knowledge management.

Currently, The recycling of ICT devices become a major dilemma for businesses and individuals, since it is not simply a matter of concern for environmental damage or a solution to an environmental problem. A modern society should tackle and address this problem in a matter of urgency. The urgency about the matter lies in the lack of ability by the existing infrastructure to handle the increased demands of users and businesses. If the trend continues, the seventh generation (Newton, 2003) will have fewer chances to enjoy an infrastructure similar to the current one. Stakeholders at all levels, including universities, must contribute to the transition towards a sustainable world.

Universities play a major role in transforming societies’ and students’ critical philosophies and world views through their higher education and research. Universities need to raise the students’ awareness, especially in relation to their moral responsibility to contribute to sustainable development, and guide them to a better, sustainable future. Presently, there is a call for businesses and individuals to integrate sustainability in their strategy and to include cloud computing technology for example, as a tool for sustainable work especially in the Information Technology Departments to cut costs and increase efficiencies and productivity.  However, through the adaptation of sustainable strategy, businesses and individuals being aware of their footprints and damages, save the raw materials for the seventh generation, as well as to share their level of commitment behind the environment and planet problems.  Therefore, a major shift in priorities for the IT industry, IT professional, educators, researchers and users must be prepared to adjust and shift their mindsets and level of thinking to realize and recognize IT’s potentials, as our planet is suffering, and we need to tackle the issues of recycling, raw material supply and energy consumption, since there is no plan B for our planet (Issa et al. 2015).

In this framework, we would like to invite researchers to present their research expertise and knowledge toward this workshop. Overall, we are interesting in receiving papers related to the following topics, which include but are not limited to:

  • Sustainability awareness and technology
  • Sustainability and Green IT
  • Sustainability and Cloud Computing
  • Sustainability and Logistics
  • Sustainability and Green Supply Chain
  • Sustainability and Smart Technology
  • Sustainability strategy in education
  • Sustainability strategy in organization
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility