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WWW2017: Sustainability and Smart Technology Workshop (SST2017)

This workshop is co-organised with the 26th International World Wide Web Conference WWW2017, and will be conducted in Perth, Western Australia on the 4th April, 2017.

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Workshop Information

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the terms sustainability, smart technology, Green IT, and Cloud Computing; to identify their advantages and disadvantages and to examine sustainability awareness for the workshop audience.

Currently, the world is under pressure from human actions that threaten sustainability. At the global level, the quantity of e-waste generated in 2014 was around 41.8 million tones, and 4 billion people were covered by national e-waste legislation. This number will be increased to 49.8 by 2018, meaning an increase growth rate of 4 to 5% and the e-waste generated per continent; Asia generated 16 MT in 2014, while Oceania generated only 0.6 MT in 2014 (Baldé et al. 2015).

Additionally, Issa et al. (2015) endorse that the world is experiencing a great many transformations as a result of human unsustainable actions; therefore, a plan of action should be implemented to change the way we live. Therefore designers, users, and organizations, should focus their minds and commitment on designing objects and devices that comply with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability.

During the workshops, we would like to initiate researchers, educators, businesses and individuals to think more questions namely: what is sustainability and why is it important and essential? How to be a sustainable person? Why should a business become more sustainable?  Why thesedays it is essential and vital to use green technology?

This workshop is co-organised with the 26th International World Wide Web Conference WWW2017.

Important Dates

  • 31st January 2017: Paper submission deadline
  • 7th February 2017: Notification of acceptance
  • 14th February 2017: Camera ready papers due
  • 4th April 2017: SST2017 Workshop day

Workshop timetable

The workshop will run from 1:30pm – 4:45pm on Tuesday, 4th April 2017.

Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre – River View Room 5
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Workshop Co-Chairs

Technical Program Committee

  • Professor Vanessa Chang – Curtin University
  • A/Professor Pedro Isaias – The University of Queensland
  • Dr. Touma Issa – Murdoch University
  • Abdulaziz Ahmed A Albahlal – Curtin University
  • Duan Yuchao – Curtin University
  • Gihan Dhanushka – Curtin University
  • Lydia Maketo – Curtin University
  • Muhammad Majid – Curtin University
  • Muteeb Saad ALAHMARI – Curtin University
  • Raadila Hajee Ahmud – Curtin University
  • Sulaiman Ghazi B Alqahtani – Curtin University