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Michael Volgger

Institute for Regional Development and Location Management
European Academy Bozen/Bolzano

Michael Volgger is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Regional Development and Location Management at the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano in Italy. His main research areas include destination governance and location management, product development and innovation in tourism, inter-organizational cooperation and qualitative research.


Michael Vollger

Responses to Chinese wine tourists: An Italian perspective

It is known that wine consumption is growing in China and affecting Chinese tourism behavior. In 2014, Italy has been the number one destination for Chinese tourists in Europe (EUROSTAT, 2015). In addition, Italy is the the largest producer of wines worldwide (2015) and thus offers an ideal framework for analyzing the interplay of wine making with growing international Chinese tourism. Therefore, this exploratory study investigates how different elements of the tourism value chain in Italy (i.e. destinations, tour operators, accommodation providers, restaurants and fairs, amongst others) respond to Chinese tourists’ interest in wine experiences.