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Logistics Research Cluster

The Logistics Research Cluster's (LRC) focus is to promote and facilitate an open communication with industry about future research, knowledge and skill requirements for graduates, and active development of Curtin as the leading institute.

Logistics Research Cluster

The LRC is set up to advance research fitting the strategy of the CBS Research Enabling Plan in the following areas:

  • training and developing the future work force’s skills
  • logistics technology support
  • logistics research in general
  • multi-dimensional and comprehensive network analysis on the stakeholders in the metropolitan area to identify research requirements
  • urban transportation infrastructures in dense metropolitan areas
  • sustainable regional supply chain infrastructure
  • industry focused projects


The primary objectives of the LRC include:

  • promote the education of the future graduates to apply academic solutions to practical problems; create joined mentor programs for top students with industry
  • enhance skill training for Australian workforce regarding Health and Safety; lowering the skill gap and preventing significant social and financial damage to society
  • initiate sustainable funding models via a staged membership scheme for industry to gain access to research outcomes, member linkage and influence on future programs. The LRC aims to be the leading academic competency centre and facilitator offering the means to match industry with distinct problems and needs with the stakeholder having the matching solution. The LRC will be prompted as the “incubator for innovative solutions by industry and academia”
  • initiate the “Embedded L&SCM HDR” program to stimulate active research in industry; providing the funds for sustaining the LRC and gain access to (big) data from industry for world-class research
  • extend the LRC with internal, national and international academic-industry-collaboration; transfer research outcomes to other disciplines. The collaboration allows the LRC to excel the research and its publication.


LRC currently have a number of research projects and interests. These include:

We search for:

  • PhD students with interest in Logistics and SC
  • Collaborations on our current research projects
  • Industry partners

Contact us

Telephone: +61 8 9266 7642