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Institutes, Centres and Clusters

Curtin Business School research is broken into a number of institutes, centres and individual research clusters, these include:

Asia Business Centre

Serves to strengthen and leverage Asia capabilities and stakeholder engagement.

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre

Undertakes high quality, objective research on the key economic and social issues of relevance to Western Australia.

Ninti One: CRC Remote Economic Participation

Focuses on delivering solutions to the economic challenges that affect remote Australia.

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

Delivers high quality research that influences policy development.

Centre for Research in Applied Economics

Strengthens collaboration among applied economists at Curtin University.

John Curtin Institute of Public Policy

A peak body for research, education and discussion in public policy and administration.

National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education

Is at the centre of public policy dialogue about equity in higher education.


Logistics Research Cluster

The Logistics Research Cluster’s (LRC) focus is to promote and facilitate an open communication with industry about future research, knowledge and skill requirements for graduates, and active development of Curtin as the leading institute.

Luxury Branding Research Cluster

The Luxury Branding Research Cluster (LBRC) increases Curtin’s Luxury Branding research capabilities by providing greater collaboration with other research centres and industry partners while continually building on the strengths of Curtin’s well established multidisciplinary approach to Luxury Branding Research.

Tourism Research Cluster

The Tourism Research Cluster (TRC) increases Curtin’s tourism research capability by providing a framework for the skills, expertise and resources of researchers to be shared, increasing opportunities for collaboration and building on the strengths of Curtin’s well-established multidisciplinary approach to tourism research.

Women in Social Economic Research Cluster

Women in Social Economic Research (WiSER) is committed to producing high quality quantitative and qualitative feminist research on a broad range of issues that women identify as important to their capacity for achieving equity and autonomy.