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Challenges facing the Australian Gas Industry: Real, Imagined or Inevitable?

In this seminar, Geoff Barker, leader of RISC’s unconventional petroleum practice, led discussions and covered such issues as:

  • the significance of the Australian gas industry, conventional and unconventional
  • industry competitiveness
  • gas shortages in the Australian markets
  • strategic decisions and their impact.

About Geoff Barker

Geoff is the leader of RISC’s unconventional petroleum practice and has 30 years of global experience in the upstream hydrocarbon industry. With extensive expertise in the areas of asset valuation, business strategies, evaluation of conventional and non-conventional petroleum, due diligence assessment for M&A and project finance requirements, and reserves assessment/certification in over 50 countries, Geoff has developed a reputation as a keen industry observer and for independent thought leadership.

30 June 2015

Presented by Geoff Barker, RISC Partner