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Candidate Profiles

SevenWest Outlook Series 2016 Candidates

Dr Ros Cameron

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Dr Ros Cameron is a Research Fellow in the field of HRM with the School of Management, Curtin Business School. Ros’s Fellowship research program is based on the human capital needs and issues of the Australian gas industry. Ros is keen to hear from potential research higher degree students (PhD and Master of Research) interested in researching this area. Dr Cameronos has been on four large workforce development research projects for the CRC for Rail Innovation: Skilled Migration; Attraction and Image; Skills Recognition Framework; Coaching and Mentoring and; Methodological Scan of the CRC for Rail Innovation 2007-2014. Ros has held an array of positions in the broad area of Human Resource Development and Management within Australia as well as overseas in the Middle East and the South Pacific. Ros is a qualified administrator of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) and have used this tool extensively with Leadership, Team Building and Communication courses in the workplace with middle to senior managers and within University programs.

Tom Houghton

Dr Tom Houghton

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Tom Houghton is the Director of the MBA (Oil & Gas). Before joining Curtin, Tom Houghton served as a resident Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde (UoS) where he straddled the Business and Engineering Faculties.

His principal fields of research are sustainable energy economics and financing and, in addition, he has a keen interest in energy for development, where the issue of energy poverty is of high importance. In addition to being Chief Investigator on the BCEC funded energy poverty project, he has taken a lead role in a number of significant energy transformation research projects including the European Union funded TWENTIES and Top & Tail, a UK Research Council backed investigation into energy transmission. Moreover, he has played a significant role in a number of knowledge exchange projects with leading European utilities such as EOn and Scottish and Southern Energy.

Tom teaches economics to students on both the MBA programme and the MSc in Mineral and Energy Economics. In addition to these responsibilities within Curtin, Tom was appointed Visiting Professor at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in 2013 where he has developed and taught classes in sustainable energy to a highly international audience of MBA and Executive MBA students.


John Phillimore

Professor John Phillimore

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Professor John Phillimore has degrees in politics and economics from Western Australia and Oxford, and a Masters and PhD from the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. From 1991 to 2001, he was an academic at Murdoch University. He joined Curtin University in 2007 where he is Executive Director of the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy in the Curtin Business School.

Between these academic posts, John had many years’ experience in senior government positions in Western Australia. He was chief of staff and adviser to a number of government ministers from 1984 to 1987 and from 2001 to 2005, and from 2005 to 2007 headed the intergovernmental relations unit in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, where his responsibilities included advising the Premier on COAG and federalism-related policy issues.

He works on a range of public policy issues including federalism, higher education, innovation and R&D trends and policies, regional development and program evaluation. He also gives short courses on public policy and public sector management to public sector officers.

He has advised and conducted research and consultancy projects for numerous international, Australian, state and local agencies. He has appeared numerous times on radio and TV as a guest commentator on Australian politics, been interviewed for articles in several national newspapers, and written opinion pieces for The Australian Financial Review, The Conversation, and WA Business News.

Helen Hodgson

Dr Helen Hodgson

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Helen Hodgson joined the Department of Taxation in Curtin Law School in 2014. She has lectured in taxation since 1989 at universities in Perth and Sydney.  She was also a Member of the Legislative Council in Western Australia between 1997 and 2001.

Helen has a particular interest in Tax Policy, and was a participant at the 2010 Tax Forum.  Her current areas of research are the tax-transfer system and superannuation policy. Her PhD examined the Family Benefit system and in 2010, Helen was a co-author of the Women’s Voices Report commissioned by the Equality Rights Alliance to examine factors influencing women’s work-force participation, including superannuation, tax and transfer issues.

Helen is a member of the Tax Advisory Panel of ACOSS, the Women in Social and Economic Research group and a member of the Social Policy Committee of the National Foundation for Australian Women. In the latter capacity she has contributed to the current round of tax and superannuation reform debate, including submissions to Treasury, Senate Committees and the Tax White Paper process. She gave evidence to the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into Women’s Security in Retirement and is cited extensively in the report handed down in April: “A Husband is Not a Retirement Plan”.

Rachel Ong

Associate Professor Rachel Ong

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Her research addresses a range of housing policy issues, including the role of housing assets in supporting welfare throughout the life course, inter-generational housing concerns, the dynamics of housing affordability, and housing pathways in the 21st century, and the links between housing and the economy.

She also has long-standing expertise in the evaluation of housing tax-transfer reforms. Rachel has led and conducted numerous projects that are funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Australian Research Council, and policy and industry organisations including the Commonwealth Treasury and WA Department of Housing.

She has also been appointed to several research expert panels including the Commonwealth Treasury’s Housing Research Panel and AusAID’s Research Advisory Panel. She is currently a member of the Steering Committee for the Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research.