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Our research

Research on Asia is increasingly important and Asia’s growing economic clout is reflected in the topics that are researched. The Asia Business Centre’s goal is to produce academically sound, industry relevant, Asia focussed research.

Six research themes have been identified as being of particular importance: Food; Managing for the Future; People and Culture; Risks of Doing Business; Science, Technology, Environment and Energy; and Trade Agreements and New Opportunities for Investment. A significant body of work is being developed that fit under these themes and that demonstrate our research excellence. We will continue to build on our current foundation and continue to post updated and relevant examples.

Risks of doing business

  • Regulation & Governance: Failure of auditors: The lack of compliance for business combinations in China
    Authors: Professor Ross Taplin, Yafang Zhao and Associate Professor Alistair Brown

People and Culture

Managing for the Future

  • Journal of World Business: Do Indigenous Firms Incur a Liability of Localness when Operating in their Home Market? The Case of China
    Authors: Professor Fuming Jiang and Professor Bruce W Stening

Science, Technology, Environment and Energy

  • Applied Economics: Determinants of renewable energy adoption in China and India: a comparative analysis
    Authors: Emeritus Professor Harry Bloch, Dr. Rafiq Shuddhasattwa and Associate Professor Ruhul Salim

Trade agreements and new opportunities for investment

  • Journal of Banking & Finance: Rewards for downside risk in Asian markets
    Authors: Associate Professor Lakshman Alles, Professor Louis Murray


  • American Journal of Agricultural Economics: World Food Demand
    Authors: Dr. Grace Gao