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Asia Business Centre

The Asia Business Centre (ABC) at Curtin Business School serves to strengthen and leverage Asia capabilities and stakeholder engagement to advance industry connection, research collaboration and business impact. The ABC is an international think tank focusing on the integration of Asian business systems and the evolution of the organisations and institutions that they include.

Curtin University’s diverse and high quality research expertise, organisational structures and strong track record of industry and community engagement, make the ABC a leading business-oriented research-based think tank, and a recognised thought leader in Australia.


  • making a significant contribution to business research that is relevant to business in Asia and Australia through publications, conference presentations, seminars and workshops involving leading scholars, and participants from public sector, non-governmental organisations and private sector.
  • establishing a network of industry connections and researchers who are making significant contributions relevant to Asia. The ABC will facilitate collaborative relationships with industry, researchers and students in Australia as well as overseas.
  • establishing a network of institutions which share common objectives and significantly contribute towards a deeper understanding of business and economics in Asia.
  • developing closer ties between Curtin and high-value academic, educational and industry organisations in Asia by bringing together influential leaders in government, industry and academia to collaborate on a range of projects and programs.
  • leveraging current Asia-capabilities and stakeholder engagement of Curtin in relevant areas with a view to advancing engagement and impact.