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Mr Christiaan Heyning

Christiaan Heyning is a founding Partner of the McKinsey office in Perth.

McKinsey has been active in Australia for over 50 years with other offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Globally, McKinsey has over 100 offices in over 60 countries and is regularly voted the world’s # 1 consultancy. Its main activities in this region include strategic, operational and turnaround activities for the major institutions.

Before joining McKinsey in 2003 in the Amsterdam office, Christiaan started an eLearning company in Singapore in 1999, targeted at the business and MBA market in collaboration with INSEAD. Having grown it to over 100 staff he then proceeded to set up the European operations from London, before returning to his native Netherlands to join McKinsey.

Christiaan holds a master degree in applied physics from the University of Groningen (Netherlands), with partial degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (San Francisco) and the Technische Universitat Berlin (Germany) in theoretical physics and management of technology.