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Mr Grahame Searle

Mr Grahame Searle

Grahame Searle has a strong background in leadership and organisational change.

In the decade from 1998 to 2008 he drove the transformation of the Department of Land Administration from its origins as a traditional public service agency to Landgate, a statutory authority with its own Board, a commercial focus, and a record of innovation that has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

In 2008 Landgate won the Premiers Award for Excellence in WA State Government, for its Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP). This product has revolutionised the availability of land information across all levels of government, with agencies now able to use a single portal to share information and gain access to land data and services. Grahame also achieved an award for Professional Eminence and Excellence in Spatial Sciences at the WA Spatial Excellence Awards in 2008.

Grahame’s skills in the use of information technology have been acknowledged as keys to the success of Landgate, as have his abilities to empower the 900 staff involved in the critical area of land information to embrace a culture of change and pursue innovations especially at a time when the state was recording its highest volumes of land transactions.

Grahame’s broad conceptual and problem solving abilities are now focusing on the complexities of the Department of Housing, a diverse public sector agency with about 1,000 staff. The agency is responsible for social housing in Western Australia and the provision of housing for state government employees in regional and remote areas of the state.

With a strong economy and demand for housing at all levels, traditional methods of providing for the housing needs of people with low incomes and/or complex needs have proven to be inadequate. While the agency manages some 40,000 residential tenancies, there is a growing waiting list for social housing. Grahame is looking to innovative ways to meet this demand, including forging new partnerships with community housing organisations across the state.

Grahame is an Honorary Fellow of the Spatial Sciences Institute of Australia, past President of the Institute of Public Administration (WA Division), Board member of the WA Treasury Corporation and a member of the WA Planning Commission.